Similarities with Yeast Overgrowth, Fungus & Prurigo Nodularis

A fungal overgrowth in the body can mimic many diseases, such as diabetes, sinusitis, eczema, digestive disorders, and even cancer. And many times, we unknowingly take antibiotics or other prescription medications that make our symptoms worse. If you think fungus might be at the root of your symptoms, you need to learn how to get the fungus out of your body.

There are many natural antifungal supplements that destroy fungus in the body. Caprylic acid, olive leaf extract, apple cider vinegar, undecylenic acid, grapefruit seed extract, and neem have all been proven to contain antifungal properties. And it's actually best to try using a few different antifungal supplements in rotation. This is because fungus can learn to adapt to antifungals that are taken every day. Alternate between which supplements you use every few weeks to maintain their effectiveness.

Fungus needs carbohydrates and sugar to proliferate, so people who have a fungal overgrowth tend to crave these foods. Low-carb dieters are unknowingly killing off the fungus within their bodies that is at the root of their other conditions. Fungus can also be found in foods like corn and peanuts. Try a diet that is high in protein with few carbohydrates and sugars and avoid foods that might contain fungi. If you cut back on these foods and your symptoms dissipate, it is likely that fungus was the cause of your symptoms.

Too much fat will bring on high blood sugar levels and can lead to diabetes, candida, and many other ailments. It blocks the uptake of sugar from the blood stream into cells.

Fat is present in all fruits and vegetables, but in a low percentage for most. Eschewing overt fats, someone living on fruits and vegetables might average three to five percent of their calories from fat.

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A Raw Low Fat Diet is Crucial / Fat: The Cause of Candida

By the estimate of Dr. Douglas Graham, most raw foodists take the fat route, averaging at least 60 percent of their calories from fat (3), dwarfing the 40 percent eaters of the Standard American Diet manage. So where's the fat coming from? Fatty fruits like avocados, coconuts and olives, nut pates and nut butters, tahini dressing for salads, raw "seed cheeses", 100 percent fat raw vegetable oils, raw granola bars, and flax crackers are the usual suspects.

Candida is a natural yeast our body creates to feed off of any excess sugar we have in our bloodstream.

It's a natural function that serves a useful purpose, but some people get swarmed by it. The reason is because there's too much sugar trapped in their bloodstream, but not, as might seem logical, because they're eating too much sugar.

Every bit of fat, protein, and carbohydrates we consume has to be converted by the body into simple sugars before it can be used by the body, so even eating a 100 percent fat diet will not get all of the sugar out of your bloodstream (10).

The solution lies in addressing the reason why the sugar is trapped in the blood stream- the high levels of fat in the diet. When fat is present, it lines the intestinal walls, blocking sugar's uptake into the blood stream, and then it uptake into the cells.

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