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Fuzhou Foreign Language School
Brief Introduction


Fuzhou Foreign Language School (FFLS) is an educational center for middle and high school
students. It evolves from Trinity College Foochow, a private missionary school founded in 1907 by Trinity College Dublin of Ireland. In October, 1952, it was taken over by the government and officially named Fuzhou No.9 Middle School, operated then as a new-type public school. In July 1993, the government renamed it as Fuzhou Foreign Languages School.

FFLS is the only public foreign languages school in Fuzhou City that offers English, German,
Japanese and French classes. It is located at 39 Park Road, Cangshan District. It covers an area of
29,784 square meters with a high green rate. The school has in the campus “A Bell Tower in
Memory of Mr. Pakenham- Walsh” and a“Russian Consulate”which have been listed as
buildings protected by the government. It is recognized as a garden-like school with its charming
gardens and statues such as “Morning Sunlit garden”, “Statues of Inspiration”, and “Statues
of Achievements”among the old and tall banyan trees.

The whole campus is well equipped with multimedia teaching facilities, science labs and special
classrooms to facilitate an interactive teaching and learning process. In addition, there are outdoor sports facilities for basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, football, etc. In order to create
a multicultural environment at the school, the teaching team consists of both local and overseas
staff. Now the school accommodates around 3000 students divided into 63 classes. So far FFLS has set up close cooperation relationship with 6 foreign schools, which are Trinity College (Dublin,
Ireland), Ueyama Middle School (Naha, Japan), Gymnasium Weierhof (Germany), Stow-Munroe
Falls High School (USA), LE BRUN High School (France) and SAI International School (India). A
number of international exchange programs have also been developed in order to enable students and staff to have an authentically international teaching and learning experience.

In the past over 100 years, thousands of talents have graduated from this school, entering
colleges, universities and different trades. Significant numbers of graduates have become famous
experts or scholars, among whom are the great mathematician, Chen Jingrun and the famous
scholar Xie Mian. Since China’s Reform and Opening-up, FFLS has stuck to its excellent tradition in school management and man-centered concept with priority in moral development, emphasis on
foreign language study and a goal of all-round development for students. As a result, it has
achieved remarkable accomplishments. In recent years, a number of students have participated in
various competitions, such as Competition of Science and Creativity, IT Robot Competition,
Minority Language Competition and Mathematics “Outstanding Cup” Competition, bringing in
nearly 50 prizes at national, provincial or municipal levels. As a traditional state-level football
school, its football team has represented Fuzhou secondary school students to compete in the
national and provincial football matches and won prizes.

Though rich in history, FFLS is being revitalized and striving to live up to its title as a foreign
language school.